9 Benefits of Rendering External Walls

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If you’re looking for ways to instantly transform your home, you can consider rendering your external walls. Whether you want to enhance your curb’s appeal, increase your home’s value, or attract buyers—rendering is a practical solution!

You might be wondering why most homeowners are rendering their properties.

You see, rendering comes with many long-term benefits. If you’re still undecided if you should render your external walls or not, keep on reading this article.

Protection from Harsh Weather Conditions

The number one benefit of rendering external walls is it helps in weatherproofing the underlying brickwork in your property. This means water from the rain, snow, and winds will not be able to penetrate the brickwork which prevents leaks.

Improves the Overall Look Of Your Property

Are you looking to improve your curb’s appeal? Are you tracking to impress potential buyers? If yes, then external rendering is an excellent solution! It’s easy to achieve the design and style you want because you can choose from a large selection of textures and colours that guarantee protection from dampness, making your home more sustainable.

Keeps Your Home Warm

Rendering external walls will add a layer of insulation to your home. It cuts down draughts and makes temperature easier to maintain in your entire home. This means you’ll get to enjoy cooler summers and warmer winters.

You Don’t Need to Pant Again

The biggest benefit is you won’t need paint again! Yes, pre-coloured renders are durable and can last for up to 25 years without a touch-up, crumbling, or fading.

Keeps the Noise Out

The extra layer between the exterior and interior of your home creates a peaceful and calm interior.


Rendering the external walls of an entire building looks expensive. But, in reality, there’s a render that will fit every budget!

Before deciding to render your walls, you should carefully research rendering options to help you save on costs.

Cracks Will Not Be An Issue

The good news is rendered are designed to minimise cracking and shrinkage. If you’re worried about this, you can consult an expert at Townsville Handyman to give you guidance in choosing the best option.

Mineral and Silicone Renders are Breathable

Experts will often discuss the importance of a building’s breathability. One of the major functions of rendering is to manage the moisture inside and outside. Moisture needs to escape to avoid condensation.

Condensation leads to rotting and the formation of moulds in the building.

Blend New Parts of a Building to Existing

Rendering can blend different types of structures. For example, if you have an old property and decide to get an extension, rendering will match and blend the house seamlessly!


As you can see, rendering your external walls has lots of unspoken benefits. Here at Townsville Handyman, we provide world-class external rendering services. Our team is experienced and well-trained.

Working with us will give you a stress-free and worry-free external rendering project. If you have questions regarding the services we offer, our top handymen are happy to help!