When to Hire a Handyman or a Contractor?

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Homeowners greatly value their time. If you’ve just moved into a new home, you will have so much to worry about. The list of things to do and expenses are piling up. You might be so busy that you don’t even have the time to handle repairs and renovations yourself, even if you want to. Hiring someone who can do the job is the best way to get things done efficiently. 

A contractor or a handyman can help you deal with these home dilemmas. However, there is still confusion between the roles of a contractor and a handyman in Townsville.  People have been interchangeably using their services without having much thought on who should do the job. They can help you fix things in your house but are you sure you are hiring the right one? Here are some pointers on when to hire a contractor or handyman in Townsville

What are the Differences Between a Handyman and a Contractor?

The common misconception between a handyman and a contractor is that they are of the same job. However, once you understand the variety of tasks they perform and their abilities, you can set the two workers apart. A reliable handyman can be a jack-of-all-trades because they can handle several simple home projects that do not require any license. A handyman often handles small home repairs and projects that are done in a short period. Moreover, they have a wide range of skills and can get the job done at a more affordable price. 

On the other hand, contractors are the ones you can hire if the home projects are on a larger scale. These projects require more time, types of machinery, workers, multiple licensing types, and expertise. Contractors handle specialised and complex trades such as electrical work, plumbing, structural framework, and carpentry. Usually, if the home project will last for several weeks or months, a licensed professional should be the one to handle it. 

Who Should I Hire?

A contractor and a handyman are both talented and skilled in their crafts, but you should know the right one to get the job done for you. Diving headfirst into a home refurbishment project without giving it much thought could lead to paying more than what is needed or even putting your home at risk. Here are things you should consider if you are still troubled about hiring a handyman or a contractor. 

  • Type and size of the job – If it is a simple task such as unclogging the sink, painting a room, and patching a wall, a handyman can help you get the job done efficiently. These are smaller home projects that do not require a particular set of skills or licenses. However, if it is on a larger scale, such as building a deck, rewiring a room, or building a bathroom, you need to hire a contractor. These are complex jobs that need to be performed with the expertise and skills of a licensed professional. 

  • Licensing requirements – Depending on the state you are in, there are home projects that need to have a license or certification for them to be carried out. This is to ensure the safety of the workers and everyone around the area. However, if it is just a simple home repair that does not require a license, hiring a reliable handyman is the easiest option.

  • Budget – How much are you inclined to pay for the project? Sometimes, you have to base your options on the money you have on hand. A handyman is far more affordable than a contractor. If you believe that they can get the job done efficiently, you can save a lot by hiring someone who charges less than the others. 


Handyman services in Townsville are becoming a popular choice for many households because of their diverse range of skills and cheaper rates compared to licensed contractors. They are very well suited for handling simple home maintenance, repair projects, plaster repairs and even affordable fencing

Note that when you hire a handyman in Townsville, check if they have general liability insurance. This will protect them from the possible risks in their job. It covers third-party property damage, bodily injury, and advertising injury. 

No matter who you choose for the job, see to it that you interview several candidates to ensure that you hire the one that is best suited to get the job done for you.  Elevate your property’s security and aesthetics with the best handyman in Townsville.